Tobago Carnival 2023


Home to the world famous thatch-roofed jetty which has become an internationally recognised signature of Tobago. Pigeon Point presents itself with a long stretch of white sand beach and warm relaxing aquamarine waters. Come, bask in Pigeon Point's untouched nature and calm atmosphere that will leave you asking for more.
Section Leader: Jade Monkey Mas
Designer: Abena John
Band: Jade Monkey Mas

Frontline - 3,500TTD / 513USD
Backline - 2,000TTD / 293USD
Male - 1,600TTD / 234USD

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Payment Methods

1. Online Payment

2. Tobago In Store (Cash / Card): Jade Monkey Bar

3. Trinidad In Store (Cash / Card) : Ronnie and Caro Mas Camp

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