Nylon Pool

Tobago Carnival 2023

Nylon Pool

Experience the iridescence of the Caribbean Glow as you immerse yourself in soca and great vibes. Soak in the mystical powers of the heartbeat of Tobago, with a sandy bottom in the middle of the sea created by an offshore sandbar and a still lagoon. Take a rejuvenating swim and relax in the soft white sand bordering the thigh-high turquoise waters.
Bago Mas Iz We Own!!!
“Nylon Pool” Cheers to life and remaining Forever Young!
Section Leader: City Limers
Designer: Celestial Creations by Cheleste Peterson
Band: Jade Monkey Mas

Frontline - 3,500TTD / 513USD
Backline - 2,000TTD / 293USD
Male - 1,600TTD / 234USD

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Payment Methods

1. Online Payment

2. Tobago In Store (Cash / Card): Jade Monkey Bar

3. Trinidad In Store (Cash / Card) : Ronnie and Caro Mas Camp

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