Tobago Carnival 2023


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Nestled in the scenic countryside of east Tobago, the costal Village of Argyle is one of the island's many natural treasures. This section represents the natural environment, talent, vibrancy and passion of the residents. The bright orange plumage that adorns the backpack represents the breathtaking sunrise as it emerges daily from behind the lush, green hills. The blue-green gemstones are a reflection of the crystal-clear beaches that line the extent of the village and are a fisherman's paradise. The pinks and the purples depict the flora and fauna that thrive in the small village from the rich trees and flowers that line the paths of its two beautiful waterfalls.
Section Leader: Kae Nice Fitness
Designer: Caroline McIntosh
Band: Jade Monkey Mas

Frontline - 3,500TTD / 513USD
Backline - 2,000TTD / 293USD
Male - 1,600TTD / 234USD

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2. Tobago In Store (Cash / Card): Jade Monkey Bar

3. Trinidad In Store (Cash / Card) : Ronnie and Caro Mas Camp

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